Fixed Rate Home Finance

At Fixed Rate Refinance we're looking to the future - the future of your current home mortgage! Its never too late to find a better deal, the Fixed Rate Refinance we are creating real solutions to real mortgage problems.

Fixed Rate Home Finance

Get ready...

In 2005, an estimated $75 billion worth of home loans will change over from the initial fixed rate period in adjustable rate mortgages to the adjustable phase. In 2006 that number is supposed to climb even higher - $250 billion. And in 2007 the entire financial industry is preparing for an unprecedented $1 trillion in new adjustable rates - all at a time when rates are expected to soar beyond all expectation.

You need Fixed Rate Refinance

The numbers of homeowners resting precariously close to the edge of financial collapse cannot be denied, and neither can the surefire rise in interest rates attached to all kinds of mortgages. At Fixed Rate Refinance we are helping thousands of home-owners secure a safe financial future:

Don't panic, you still have time to find a better mortgage for your financial security, and only at Fixed Rate Refinance will you find the guidance and information designed solely for your benefit.

Why Fixed Rate Refinance?

The need for an adjustable rate home loan is understandable - lower initial rates, higher loan amounts, greater levels of loan acceptance. But with the almost guaranteed rise in interest rates and potential decline in home value, we - and thousands of mortgage professionals across the country - believe a Fixed Rate Refinance is the most secure way to insure your financial stability and to keep reaching toward success. With Fixed Rate Refinance we show you how a fixed rate loan will help you build home equity without sacrificing your savings on a free car insurance quote and without a major increase in your monthly payments. In a world of wayward finances and the endless get-rich-quick real estate schemes its hard to find a slice of reality, a place where caring and thoughtful mortgage professionals get together to tell you the real deal. We are Fixed Rate Refinance - creating real solutions to real mortgage problems.

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