Home Equity

Home equity will help you secure a fixed rate refinance, but you've got to have that home equity to begin with.

Home Equity

Showing your stuff...

When you face the need for a mortgage refinance, those with large amount of home equity will be better off. Not beecause they can apply for home equity loans to refinance their homes altogether, but because with equity you are proving your dependability, and your dedication to making your mortgage work.

What home equity means for a Fixed Rate Refinance

Home equity is the indication of how much value you have in your home, and is measured by difference between your home's actual value and what you have yet to repay on your mortgages. The more home equity you can display as you apply for a mortgage refinance, the greater financial strength you will be showing, and the lower rates you will see. And it doesn't take much to accumutale home equity in today's markey of increasing hoem values - but it does take something and your refionancing lenders will see right though home appreciation.

The big problem with agressive adjustable financing

So many people taking out so many adjustable rate home loans leaves much more at risk than increasing rates. Several ARM programs - including the interest-only mortgage and flexible payment ARMS - allow you to purchase a home without making contributions to your home equity foor the initial years of your mortgage. With hoem appreciation values you can still gain equity and even apply for a home equity loan, but when you come up to the refinancing table and your new lender sees zero payments made to your loan principle, you shoudl be ready for higher rates and fees that you might optherwise expect. Equity is the only way to judge the value of yoru home, and when you lack the signs of equity contributions your opportunities will reflect that.

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