Fixed Rate Refinance

A fixed rate refinance is not the only refinancing option, but its the better one. Most people are looking for savings and stability when they look to refinance - the fixed rate refinance has both.

Fixed Rate Refinance

On the verge..

We're all hoping to get rich quick of our home investments today. Rates are low, home prices are soaring - the recipe is set for complete financial success! Or is it? Experts say interest rates will rise soon and some pessimistic analysts are predicting a housing bubble, an outlook that is spreading like wildfire and causing a panic across the country. If there was ever a time for a fixed rate refinance now is it - before affordable fixed refinance rates disappear.

The time - and price - is right for a fixed rate refinance

If the average mortgage is $300,000 and $1.25 trillion in ARMs will finally come into their adjustable rate phases within the next three years, 4.2 million home owners in the United States will be set up for a grim financial surprise - a mortgage they once thought but can no longer afford. There will be a dash for a fixed rate refinance then, but by that time fixed rate refinance rates will be so high as to still be prohibitively expensive. Now is the time for a fixed rate refinance because now is perhaps the last time we will see low mortgage rates. The historically low levels will not continue, and a refinance a year from now may not just be less advantageous but financially prohibitive. With a fixed rate refinance you can prepare against this guaranteed rise in interest rates, you can fortify yourself against the price shock for when your interest rates rise.

How to secure a beneficial fixed rate refinance

Act fast, and act broad - never limit your search for a fixed rate refinance to a single lender or a small group of closely related mortgage outfits. Use the Internet and see whats out there in the way of a low refinance rate. The more opportunities you find - and the more competitive pressure you place on these lenders you contact - the greater your chance for finding and securing that fixed rate refinance rate , allowing you the luxury of stability and affordability long before the refinancing rush comes.

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